Valerie's Adventures Abroad

Gamla Stan

Hey everyone! So today I decided I wanted to write about the heart of Stockholm, Gamla Stan 😍. Gamla Stan is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Stockholm. It is located right in the center of the city, where there are beautiful sights to see and many cafe’s to eat in. This place is by far one of my favorite places in Stockholm because it is filled with things to do.

The past few weeks I have taken it upon myself to truly explore this place, and I came across something called Old Town. Old town is best described as its own little village, where there are many cobbled streets and colorful old buildings. It is absolutely beautiful.

So you can get a sense of what it looks like, the three pictures below are from when I went to Old Town not long ago. Also, for those interested in doing homework outside of your home, Gamla Stan is a great place to go eat lunch at one of the many restaurants, and then to use as a place to do homework as well. I will spend hours here just doing homework and enjoying the day. It is truly something special!!

Yesterday, there was a lot going on in Gamla Stan. There was a marathon, so it was filled with people!! There was also many food trucks lined up for people to buy delicious foods. I went with a group of girls from my apartment building, and it was truly the best time. The picture below features a few of us having a nice relaxing day in the city! I highly recommend exploring Gamla Stan for those who come to Stockholm because it is really something to see. There is nothing else like it in the world, so we are not taking this opportunity for granted!

When first arriving at DIS, it can be hard to adapt to all of the changes; however, being able to meet new people, like the ones above and below, is something beyond special. I have grown to be so close to all of them after a short few weeks, and I really enjoy exploring Stockholm with them by my side! Im sure we will continue to explore the heart of Stockholm, and when we do, I’ll be sure to write about it πŸ™‚

Bye for now! πŸ™‚


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