Valerie's Adventures Abroad

Weekend Trip to Finland

Hey Everyone!!

So, this weekend was my first weekend trip away from Stockholm, and it was absolutely amazing. I traveled to Helsinki, Finland with a group of friends, and it was such a great experience. Not only did we get to experience Finland, but we traveled there by cruise! We went on the ship Friday around 4:30, and slept on it until Saturday morning. Then on Saturday we had the entire day to explore Finland, and then we had to return to the ship that night to head back to Stockholm.

This was a very short trip; however, it was absolutely worth it. Now, lets talk a bit more about what I got to explore on Saturday. The first thing we did when we got off the boat was walk to a market. At this market, there were many tents set up with people selling all types of things. Some of these things included hand-made jewelry, bags, antiques, and many other things. In addition, there was also a food market as well full of vegetables and fruits. The blueberries were DELICIOUS!!! 

At the market, I bought a golden rose that I thought was absolutely stunning, because I have been purchasing at least one thing from every place that I get to explore, including postcards! I highly recommend doing this if you travel during your time abroad because they serve as amazing memories from your journey in Europe! 

After the market, we then went to two different cathedrals. They were stunning, and even more beautiful inside. Something that my mother usually does is light a candle for our lost loved ones in every church we go to. I find this very special, and because of this, I now do the same thing. Im grateful that I got to light a candle for my loved ones in Finland, and I will continue to do this everywhere I go, like my mom does 🙂 

Thankfully, the ship dropped us off close to the heart of the city, so we got to experience many different things in just a short few hours. I am happy I made the decision to take the weekend off, and go explore a different country.

It can be really easy to stay in Stockholm because of the stress that comes with getting homework done; however, I highly recommend traveling for some of your time abroad simply because this is a great opportunity for you to make strong connections with people, and see the world. 

Something I do to ensure that I can enjoy my time while traveling is getting work done ahead of time so that I do not have to stress about it! Planning ahead is a big part of my studying abroad journey, and its something that I recommend for anyone studying abroad! It will result in a better overall experience in Europe. 

Overall, I had a fantastic weekend in Finland! Now its back to Sweden to get some more work done this week before I travel to Rome and Barcelona next weekend 🙂 

Bye for now!

Val 💖

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