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Weekend Trip in Krakow, Poland

Hey Everyone!

I just got back today from a short weekend trip to Krakow, Poland, so I thought it would be a good idea to update all of you on what my trip was like! It can be really easy to stay in Stockholm where its comfortable; however, taking the time to really explore Europe is equally as important. I have already made so many memories and I still have many more to make! I have been to Paris, Sweden, Greece, Spain, Italy, Finland, and Poland since I have been here, and I still have Belgium, Amsterdam, and Iceland to go! I cant wait for those wowwww!!!

So, a little bit about this weekend. We flew to the Krakow airport Friday afternoon, and then we drove to our hostel that we booked in advance. We booked the Mosquito Hostel, and honestly it was a very fun environment, affordable, and very close to the heart of the city. I would recommend booking this hostel to any prospective student thinking of going to Poland!

The first thing we did when were done unpacking all of our things was go explore Krakow. We walked towards the Old Town part of Krakow, and it was absolutely beautiful. There were horses and carriages everywhere, and many restaurants that were placed outside. The city was so full of life and this was amazing to see. During dinner on our first night there, we decided to order classic Polish food and got potato pancakes, as well as their famous pierogis! They were absolutely delicious, and they were quite similar to dumplings in general. After dinner, we decided to walk around a bit more, and we found a small market where people were buying all sorts of things, and I even bought a beautiful sea blue ring to remind me of my time in Poland ๐Ÿ™‚ Here are some pictures that I took on Friday!

On Saturday we also saw so many beautiful architectural sites and visited the many tourist locations that Poland has to offer. We went to the Wawel Castle, as well as the Wawel Cathedral. Walking throughout the streets surrounding the castle was definitely a great experience. It was easy to admire the architecture on the outside of the castle, I absolutely loved it! We also went to go see The Jewish Quarter, and this was also truly something to see, simply because back in the day, all of those who were Jewish lived in this specific area, and it was during this time that the Nazi Party was forcing them out of there homes. We were at the site where this happened, and it was very emotionally moving.

So, now that I have explained a bit about some of the events that I did this weekend, I now want to shift towards talking about what we did Saturday morning. We saw so many things on this day, and everything we saw was very emotionally moving. We booked a tour in advance to go see the Auschwitz Concentration Camps for early Saturday morning. Standing on the actual grounds of the site where thousands of innocent people lost their lives was very emotional. We were taken to see everything within the camps, from the victim’s living conditions, to victim’s personal possessions that remain to this day. After entering this camp, there is a certain energy that I felt that was completely indescribable. It was a very emotional yet very moving weekend trip, and I am so grateful that I got the opportunity to go see everything that I did.

Like my mom and I normally do, I went into one of the churches in Krakow, and I lit a candle not only for my family of those who have passed away and those who are still living, but also for all of those who lost their lives during the Holocaust. It is important that we never forget what happened in Poland. Experiencing a tour of the largest concentration camp was absolutely life changing, and it is something I will never forget.

Till Next Time โค


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