Valerie's Adventures Abroad

Reykjavik, Iceland

Wow…all I can say is that this past weekend was amazing, and possible one of my favorite trips in Europe so far! Iceland was an absolute dream, it was magical, and at times it didn’t even seem real because it was so beautiful. We got to do so many things in such a short span of time, and I am excited to share all of these things with you today!

My friend and I left for Iceland this past Friday afternoon, and we immediately had exciting plans for when we landed. When we landed, we headed straight to the blue lagoon with our rental car because we purchased tickets before hand! Just a side note, if you plan on taking a trip to Iceland (which I highly recommend), you should rent a car because everything is very far from each other. We found a very affordable option and it made our experience that much better!

So…we left for the Blue Lagoon, and when we arrived, we got in our bathing suits, and went swimming for about two hours! We purchased the comfort package, and this includes entrance to the lagoon, a free mud mask while you are in the water, and a free drink! This trip was definitely more expensive, but everything we did was absolutely worth it and I do not regret a single thing that we did!

Friday night, we then went to Grotta Lighthouse, which is a very famous location that stands on a black beach surrounded by the ocean. Usually, this is a very good place to see the Northern Lights; however, it was sadly too cloudy this weekend to be able to see them. This is probably my one regret of the trip in regards to things we did not see, which was not being able to see the lights. But I told myself that I will be going back on another trip to Iceland to see other tourist attractions, and I will see the lights then πŸ™‚

After a long nights rest on Friday, we then had a full day planned on Saturday in Reykjavik. We booked a tour to see The Golden Circle, and also to swim in a Secret Lagoon somewhat hidden in Iceland’s nature. The Golden Circle consists of three stops, which includes the hot springs, a beautiful waterfall, and the only place where the American Plates and European Plates meet. I have to say, seeing all of these things was absolutely incredible. All of the trips I have been on so far have been somewhat similar to one another; however, this trip was all about nature, and how powerful it can be. It was truly something to see!

After our long, 10 hour tour on Saturday, Sunday was a good time to go explore the city a little bit before heading back to Sweden. We decided to go to a classic Flea Market that only opens on Sundays, and it was really fun to see how the locals life their daily lives in Iceland.

This trip was very unique and was one of my favorite trips. Swimming in the blue lagoon, seeing the golden circle and the secret lagoon, and exploring Reykjavik were all things I will never forget in my lifetime. If you recognize the beauty that nature has to offer, then Iceland is the place for you πŸ™‚ I am back in Sweden now, and I only have 2 more weeks left, which is CRAZYYYYY, then I am headed back home to Florida! I’m in no rush to leave, but I am very excited to go home ❀

Till Next Time!


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